Made with Xara Vortec 4200  Welcome Facebook shares to the Vortec 4200 Site! The purpose of this site is to be an information resource for the Atlas family of engines. These engines were used in the Trailblazer, Envoy SUVs and the 4 and 5 cylinder versions are used in the Colorado and Canyon pickups.  The 4200 or LL8 version of the motor was voted one of the 10 Facebook shares price best engines 4 years in a row by Wards . Because of it’s design and low cost in  recycling yards the engine has become a popular candidate for swapping into older vehicles.  Besides swapping the engine, people are also interested in increasing performance.   This site hopefully will help address the needs of both

groups through informational web pages and the   Vortec how to buy Facebook shares in the South Africa 4200 forum.