ARP head studs - custom order - one time buy

ARP head studs - custom order - one time buy

Postby ca434sbc4 » Thu Jun 22, 2017 10:30 pm

ARP finally sent the costing for the custom studs...

These are 7.000” x ½-13 x ½-20 x .470” shank diameter with 1.75 " thread engagement in the block. Yes the block will need to be machined for the bigger studs, and the hole in the head drill out.

In qty

48 pcs: $45.33 ea

this is the direct cost from ARP.

In qty 96 - the cost should come down to about $35 ea.

2900's need 10 - you would get 12 (2 spares)
3700's need 12 - you would get 14 (2 spares)
4200's need 14 - you would get 16 (2 spares)

End cost is cost of the studs + inbound shipping (portion) + outbound shipping. Nut's washers not included but are easy to get from summit/jegs.

They said if we wanted to re-order - no change in cost - so I'm here to ask if anyone is interested in getting a group buy going?
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